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TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform

Product Overview

The TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform accelerates profit through online retail and partner networks through marketing automation, funnel optimization and content syndication. From increasing online sales to boosting lead generation, the company’s proven technology, complete services, and guidance are helping global organizations transition their marketing from a cost center into a revenue driver. 

About TIE Kinetix


TIE Kinetix is an award winning, global leader of cloud based supply chain solutions. TIE’s innovative content syndication, e-commerce and business integration technology allows our customers to minimize the energy needed to connect partners, deliver content and obtain profit faster and more efficiently. TIE Kinetix holds more than 23 years in business and continues to develop and implement international e-commerce and SaaS standards today. TIE is a listed company with offices in the United States, Australia, France and the Netherlands. For more information, visit