Product Overview


PiCloud is a cloud-computing platform that enables you to leverage thousands of cores of computational power from Amazon Web Services without having to manage, maintain, or configure virtual servers.

You interface with PiCloud using our cloud library, command-line interface (CLI), and web dashboard. The cloud library is written in Python, and can offload any Python function in as few as two lines of code. However, PiCloud supports running programs created in any language.

PiCloud removes all the plumbing necessary to get your functions and programs running on a high-performance compute farm. As you give us more computation, our cluster automatically scales to meet the demands of your workload. We take responsibility for the security of your data, and ensure high availability and reliability regardless of underlying server failures.

PiCloud gives every scientist, developer, and engineer in the world access to clusters of machines that 10 years ago were available only to the largest companies and national laboratories. Know that when using the platform, you are supporting our goal to democratize computing power around the globe.