Platform as a Service

Delivery of a virtualized application runtime platform that has a software stack for developing applications or application services. PaaS applications and infrastructure are run and managed by the services vendor.

  • Analytics  (2)

    Components for analyzing data and delivering intelligent insights to leverage in applications or to end users.

  • Big Data as a Service  (24)

    Big data as a service (BDaaS) are cloud based services for the analysis of large or complex data sets that require high scalability.

  • Business Intelligence  (24)

    Platforms for the creation of business intelligence applications such as dashboards, reporting systems, and big data analysis.

  • Cache  (3)

    Caching services that application developers can use to improve application performance.

  • Cognitive  (7)

    Cognitive PaaS products apply disciplines such as machine learning and signal processing to provide functionality associated with intelligence behavior.

  • Database  (27)

    These services offer scalable database systems that ranging from relational database solutions to massively scalable non-sql datastores.

  • Development & Testing  (21)

    These platforms are only for the development and testing cycles of application development, which expand and contract as needed.

  • General Purpose  (23)

    Platforms suited for general purpose application development. These services provide a database, a web application runtime environment, and typically support web services for integration.

  • Integration  (19)

    Services for integrating applications ranging from cloud-to-cloud integration to custom application integration.

  • Microservices  (5)

    Platform services that provide software for building microservices based application composed of independently deployable services.

  • Security  (4)

    Security services that can be integrated with applications. These services range from supporting end user access to application and infrastructure level access.