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Product Overview

RightScale is the leading provider of cloud management solutions that enable you to design, deploy, manage, and automate business-critical applications on the cloud. To date, hundreds of thousands of deployments have been launched on the RightScale Cloud Management Platform – running everything from scalable websites to complex grid applications. Cloud computing represents a tidal shift in the way IT infrastructure operates, enabling greater agility and lower costs across company sizes. RightScale delivers the power of the cloud to every business.

The RightScale Difference

What sets RightScale apart is our unique approach of managing complete deployments – comprising multiple servers and the connections between them – across one or more clouds. Using the RightScale Platform, you’ll be able to operate at a level above the underlying cloud infrastructure with solutions that are architected using best practices for cloud environments. Your deployments will run smoothly, managed by an automation engine that adapts resource allocation as required by system demand, system failures or other events – all based on active monitoring to ensure real-time response to triggers you define.

At every step of the way, you remain in complete control with total visibility into all layers of the cloud infrastructure. This transparency gives you the power to avoid lock-in. Test on one cloud, roll out on another. Architect deployments across clouds to implement disaster recovery plans, provide low-latency access to data, meet security or SLA requirements, or take advantage of better pricing. Maintain your freedom to choose the best cloud environment for your requirements, and the freedom – if needed – to change.

RightScale gets you on the cloud fast with reliable solutions that take less time to manage.