Infrastructure as a Service

Delivery of raw, virtualized computing infrastructure such as servers and storage as a service to build applications. IaaS vendors let enterprises customize infrastructure to their application needs.

  • Backup & Recovery  (15)

    Platforms providing services to backupand recover file systems and raw data stores on servers and desktop systems.

  • Cloud Broker  (8)

    Tools that manage services on more than one cloud infrastructure platform. Some tools support private-public cloud configurations.

  • Compute  (38)

    Provides server resources for running cloud based systems that can be dynamically provisioned and configured as needed.

  • Content Delivery Networks  (3)

    CDNs store content and files to improve the performance and cost of delivering content for web based systems.

  • Services Management  (7)

    Services that manage cloud infrastructure platforms. These tools often provided features that cloud providers do not provide or specialize in managing certain application technologies.

  • Storage  (19)

    Provides massively scalable storage capacity which can be used for applications, backups, archiving, file storage, and more.


Feb 10, 2011 -
Hemanth Setty says:

Use DataCenter Map to find cloud vendors by geography.

Oct 07, 2011 -

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Oct 07, 2011 -
hannah platts says:


Lots of downloads available for further information.