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Software to manage massively scalable storage solutions.

  • AmpliStor Storage

    The AmpliStor Storage system is built using commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and is designed to provide high-throughput, ...

  • AvereSystems

    Avere Systems optimizes network-attached storage in both traditional on-premises infrastructures and for object-based cloud storage. ...

  • Cloudian

    Cloud Storage, also known as object storage, is a requisite cornerstone of today's Internet scale ...

  • GlusterFS

    GlusterFS is an open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, ...

  • OpenStack Object Storage

    OpenStack Object Storage aggregates commodity servers to work together in clusters for reliable, redundant, and ...

  • ownCloud

    ownCloud gives you easy and universal access to all of your files.It also provides a ...


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