Product Overview

Abiquo is the leading enterprise cloud management software. Policies automatically determine where and how data is stored, decreasing security risk and enhancing compliance. Abiquo supports all 6 popular hypervisors and will convert existing virtual machine images from one hypervisor to any other in a simple drag-and-drop operation, ending vendor lock-in and increasing operational agility. Abiquo eliminates IT bottlenecks with multi-tenancy delegated control. Delegated staff can safely provision their own environments in only minutes instead of hours.  With Abiquo, IT staff are free to focus on higher value-add activities, such as analyzing real-time usage metrics, which are also provided by Abiquo's solution, to focus on optimization and proactive hardware and systems management.  The solution also features enterprise-class scalability, workload policies, and manages private, public, and shared clouds.


All of these advanced cloud management capabilities are included in one easy to use GUI:

Easily Creates Virtual Enterprises composed of compute, network, and storage resources and manages global resources from a single pane of glass.

Avoids IT Bottlenecks by providing self-service VM provisioning and management to authorized administrators.

Eliminates Vendor Lock-in with drag and drop Virtual-to-Virtual conversion between all hypervisors.

Enhances Compliance and Reduces Security Risk through policy-based automatic enforcement, sensitive data is stored securely across all enterprises.

Delivers Enterprise-Class Scalability including the ability to manage multiple datacenters from around the globe.

Improves Resource Efficiency and Control by revealing and recommissioning defunct VMs and tracking usage metrics in real time.