Cloud Software

Software used to build cloud computing environments, manage cloud environments, or software used to build highly scalable cloud applications. Products include both commercial and open source software.

  • Cloud Abstraction  (4)

    Software libraries that provide an abstraction layer to avoid cloud vendor lock-in and build multi-cloud ready applications.

  • Cloud Integration  (4)

    Software that help enterprises integrate with cloud infrastructure servers from external providers.

  • Cloud Management  (4)

    Provides services on top of cloud infrastructure services to simplify automation and cloud management. Can provide an abstraction that support of multi-cloud environments.

  • Configuration Automation  (3)

    Software that automates application configuration management on cloud platforms. This can include definitions of application stack and system configuration as well as runtime configuration and scaling rules management.

  • Data  (31)

    Database systems that meet the scalability of massive web based systems. These range from solutions based on relational databases to columnar, document-oriented, and key-value database solutions.

  • Distributed Cache  (11)

    Provides data caching to accelerate the performance of large scale web based systems.

  • Distributed Compute  (2)

    Software that manages elastic compute resources where applications can dynamically acquire and use additional server resources.

  • Infrastructure Management  (13)

    Packages and tools for managing cloud scale systems that can be used to create private clouds or used by service providers to build cloud offerings.

  • MapReduce  (15)

    MapReduce comprises a category of software based on the MapReduce algorithm for scalable processing of big data sets by utilizing a large number of servers.

  • Multi-Cloud Business Apps  (2)

    Cloud enabled business applications that are available on multiple cloud IaaS or PaaS solutions, e.g. AWS, Rackspace, IBM Smart Cloud, MS Azure, etc. Multi-Cloud Business Apps offer enterprises with a choice of their cloud provider without customization.

  • PaaS  (12)

    Software for building a PaaS on a public or private cloud. PaaS software runs a select software stack that enterprises standardize on.

  • SaaS Data Security  (3)

    These services enhance the security of using SaaS based systems by adding encryption and/or additional access controls on SaaS data sets.

  • Search  (3)

    Software that provides cloud scalable search capabilities on unstructured or structured data sources.

  • Storage  (6)

    Software to manage massively scalable storage solutions.